The Young Male Role Model of the Year Competition 2017

Boys! Are you a good role model?

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Age 11-18
Closing Date 29th December 2017

Do you inspire your friends, family, and community in a positive way?

Do you try to be the best possible version of yourself?

Do you celebrate your differences and encourage others to do the same?

Do you want to feature in a book and win £1000 for a charity you love?

Have you dealt positively with a difficult experience, or supported someone who has?

e.g. moving to a new school, dealing with an illness, resolving conflicts with friends or family.

If you are a young man who can answer yes to any of these questions, we want to hear your story.

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How to enter

Fill in the form below telling us how you're a good role model, and the advice you would give to a young person (e.g. a primary school student) to help them as they grow up. Think of the lessons you have learned while growing up and the ways you have overcome challenges in your life. You may have positively influenced one person or a whole community! Even the smallest act of kindness can change the world. We are simply looking for raw, powerful, human stories.

The leading 20 entrants will be invited to an exclusive ceremony and presented with their award. The top 5 will also receive £1,000 to donate to a charity they love and have their story published in our book!

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